Welcome Lauren Heart, Classroom Support Aide

Khan Lab School
November 12, 2020 / 5 mins read

We are pleased to welcome our new classroom support teacher! Lauren will be providing additional support and supervision for the unique needs of dual remote and on-campus learning for the Lower School in her role as Classroom Support Aide.

As a lifelong learner, Lauren is thrilled to join the KLS team! She has been educating for 20+ years all over the United States, with a short stint in Costa Rica. Her degrees in Psychology, Fine Arts, and a Masters in Photography, have been used in art education, launching new school departments, and curriculum design. She hopes this experience will be put to good use as she plugs in daily to support teachers and students where assistance is needed most.

Lauren enjoys spending free time with her family, leading art therapy workshops, and growing her real estate investments. Fun fact: She spent some years growing up in a log cabin that was built before the Civil War!

Welcome, Lauren!

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