Everyone's a teacher.
Everyone's a student.

Khan Lab School is a non-profit independent school associated with Khan Academy.

Based in Mountain View, California, we are coed currently serving students aged 5 - 16+. Learn more about what makes us different.

Khan Lab School was founded to develop new, personalized practices that center around the student. As a laboratory school we create and test learning experiences to share with the world.

In keeping with Sal Khan’s “One World Schoolhouse” philosophy, we provide an extended-year, extended-day, mixed-age program with a project-based learning approach. Students are grouped into collaborative Independence Levels, which are based on executive function skills rather than traditional age restrictions. Our school empowers students to take ownership of their learning.

The families who attend KLS are committed to pioneering a new model of education. Visit KLS Admissions to learn more!


Join Us in Mountain View
Students ages 5-16+ are invited to apply to our school.