Virtual Chess Tournament Brings KLS Badgers Together

Khan Lab School
May 19, 2021 / 5 mins read

Students Collaborate with KLS Inquiry Lab for Virtual Chess Tournament

The first ever KLS Chess Tournament was on Friday, May 14.It was co-hosted by The Inquiry Lab and the KLS Chess Club, led by IL 7 student Aruna G. The event was attended by 40 + KLS community members, 24 of which competed in simultaneous KLS chess tournaments. It was a blast!
The top three competitors from Tournament A (players with a rating over 1199) were:
  • First Place: Yuvraj S.
  • Second Place: Aryan P.
  • Third Place TIE: Imran K., Ishaan K.
The top three competitors from Tournament B (players with a rating under 1200) were:
  • First Place: Levin W.
  • Second Place: Eric C.
  • Third Place: Akshay S.

Screenshot of a Chess Tournament on Zoom with students.
Congratulations to the winners and all who played, and a huge "thank you" to Aruna G. for putting together such a fantastic tournament!