Vaccinating Education: An Interview with Sal Khan

Khan Lab School
August 31, 2021 / 5 mins read

What will K-12 education look like now that students are returning to school after remote learning? Sal Khan, our school's founder and the founder of Khan Academy, discussed what comes next with our Director of College Counseling and contributing writer for Forbes, Brennan Barnard.

In the interview, Sal and Brennan explored the future of education and the ways our school's mastery-based model is poised to set students up for success in the aftermath of a year learning online. From the interview:

"Khan's priority was to build what he calls 'fault-tolerant'schooling. For those of you who, like me, don't hold degrees in computer science, fault tolerance is the ability for a system (education in this case) to continue to function well despite setbacks or isolated failures. Traditional college-prep classrooms do not typically make space for faults, which can lead to a high-stakes focus on earning a specific grade and a fixation on outward achievement. The result is often the perception from students that they must portray perfection while avoiding any hint of uncertainty or failure. At KLHS, students are encouraged to take educational risks and to challenge themselves to a fault. Learning is about deep understanding, not surface perception."

Read the full article on Forbes here.