Updates from the Equity, Inclusion, & Justice Student Committee

Khan Lab School
March 3, 2021 / 5 mins read

The EIJ Committee over the last few months has been working on a variety of projects with the goal of improving our community and upholding our goals of equity, inclusion, and justice.

Thus far, we have created and sent out a climate survey (headed byParth,Dilan, andVivek) to help identify where the needs of our committee are and start discussing how we can address those needs.

In addition, five representatives from our committee and our school—Bella,Jane,Mishal,Ainsel, andNunu—attended for the first time, theNAIS Online Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC)to learn more about social justice issues and collaborate with like minded students on how we can help resolve them (Read student reflections about the SDLC experiencehere).

Some current projects inspired by the conference and by the climate survey are the creation of affinity groups (headed byJaneandNunu), the creation of a gender and sexuality curriculum for KLS (headed byAlisha,Pooja, andLeia), and the creation of an identity for our EIJ committee (headed byMaddieandMary) to present the experiences and lessons we have and will come to learn through social media and more.

Following Martin Luther King Jr. Day, our students in Advisory were tasked with a challenge in the spirit and vision of Dr. King. They first watchedthis videoby Sal on Letters from Birmingham Jail. Students were then asked how we could affect change in our KLS community and to propose an idea that we as a school could work on in the next 100 days to tackle issues related to equity, inclusion, and justice. OnWednesday, February 3, the students pitched all their ideas during our Community Meeting and will voted on the idea they want to take into action.

Stay tuned for more updates on these upcoming projects!