Tinkering School on Site at Khan Lab School

Khan Lab School
November 4, 2014 / 5 mins read

We had our first Intersessionlastweek!While the lead teachers took time to look back and look forward, the students, Dianne, Farida, and Chi-Ray spent time with our friends from Tinkering School building go-karts. As Sean Murray from Tinkering School put it,the students "took a week to build some very big things and tackle thorny problems."

The team got together some basic tools, very simple materials, a nice big outdoor space, and a whole week of time.

It was awesome to see how readily the kids helped one another learn new skills.

We also got to have the wonderful group experience of setting up shop each morning, and breaking down in the afternoon. It's awesome to watch hundreds of objects (and hundreds of pounds of objects) move so swiftly from one place to another -all due to teamwork!