Student Collaborates with Harvard Professor on Medical App

Khan Lab School
May 14, 2020 / 5 mins read

IL7 Student Shares App Development & Research Experiences

During the Upper School Community Seminar onWednesday, May 13, IL7 student Parthshared a presentation about his experience creating a new smartphone application and presenting work at a research conference. Parth partnered with a professor at Harvard Medical School to work on an app called "Frailty MD" that will be able to assess an individual's frailty. The app is still in development. Parth presented research at a conference in January 2020 to a room of experienced medical professionalsand fellow student researchers, a first experience that was particularly impactful for him.

Parth shared helpful tips with the KLS student community,including how to use connections to launch new collaborative project ideas, the importance of practice when preparing to give a presentation, and what it is like to conduct scientific research for publishing.A key takeaway for Parth was navigating the stringent review process for medical research for the first time. Parth looks forward to continued work on his medical assessment app and future opportunities to engage with scientific research.