Showstoppers 2020 Virtual Performance

Khan Lab School
July 1, 2020 / 5 mins read

The Show Must Go On

Khan Lab School's Showstoppers, an Extended Dayclubopen to all with a desire to sing, dance, oract, set out to end the academic year with a whole-school performance.Due to the campus closure in response to the pandemic, the Showstoppers had to take their performance online. The full performance includes 7 popular songs sung by students in clips sent from home.

"I am so excited to introduce our Showstoppers performance via video. I want to thank everyone involved with Showstoppers this year. Students, teachers and parents. Without everyone doing their part this Showstoppers videowouldn't be possible. On behalf of Khan Lab School and myself, I thank you for making Showstoppers a success. Until next year." — Coach Devin, Director of Athletics

Enjoy the performance: