Senior Capstone — 72 Questions with KLS Students

Senior Capstone — 72 Questions with KLS Students

Khan Lab School
June 7, 2023 / 5 mins read

Last week, our seniors presented their Capstone projects. As a mandatory project for graduating seniors, the Capstone is a service-oriented program that requires students to formulate their research question, conduct research, write a literary analysis, report their findings, and engage in community action. Our seniors have chosen diverse topics ranging from sustainable clothing education to researching economic inequality to creating non-toxic and effective social media. To support them throughout the process, each senior is paired with a faculty mentor who provides guidance, advice, and support.

One of our seniors, Maddie, shared her project with us. Read more about her Capstone and click the link to watch her final video!

In my Senior Capstone Project, I created this 72 Questions with Vogue parody but with KLS students!

The goal was to effectively and accurately market the school to outside communities. This includes prospective students and families, potential faculty hires, educational organizations, and more. The topic interested me because marketing is critical to any product or service, and it's an important step that defines the worth of a company or organization’s work. To fairly and truthfully educate people about KLS, I’ve decided that my product will be this video-journalism interview with 5 members of the student body. I was able to learn KLS’s current goals in marketing and fill in the gaps we wanted to cover. I built the interview questions based on what we want outside communities to see. It was a previous project I had started in middle school, but now that I have the resources to properly edit and film, I could complete the project!

Click here to watch.

Thank you so much to Maddie for sharing her project with us, and thank you as well to all of our seniors and mentors for all their hard work!