Sal Khan Talks Early Learning and Khan Lab School on EdSurge

Khan Lab School
April 29, 2021 / 5 mins read

EdSurge:Sal Khan on Expanding Into Early Learning and Launching a Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Platform

Earlier this week on Monday, April 26, EdSurge published an article featuring Khan Lab School (KLS) founder Sal Khan in a conversation about Khan Academy's growth during the pandemic, remote learning, and how students have adapted to changes in education.

The article explores Sal's experience with the pandemic and the transition to remote learning for his family:

"As his education work expanded, Khan was hunkered down with his family in the Bay Area. He worked from their home, while his wife, a physician, saw patients remotely and in person. Their children, who attendKhan Lab Schoolin Mountain View, Calif., were relatively well-positioned to take on remote learning when it was forced onto students last spring—the school is tech-savvy, yes, but it also promotes student agency and goal-setting, he explains—and they transitioned 'almost seamlessly'to the new environment, Khan shares.

The prolonged time at home was not without its challenges, Khan admits. “Obviously, some aspects have been suboptimal for everybody,” he says, acknowledging that his family has been extremely fortunate. 'Every now and then, it's been hard to do a call while the kids are screaming or something like that, but between meetings, to see them or have lunch with them or go on a walk with them, that part has been actually quite nice.'"

Read the full article from EdSurge here.