Sal Khan Joins Upper School Community Meeting

Khan Lab School
September 17, 2020 / 5 mins read

At our Middle/High School's regular Community Meeting on Wednesday, September 16, KLS founder Sal Khan joined the Zoom gathering to facilitate a discussion about the various issues of the world today.

Sal asked the group to share about what things are going well and not going well for the world right now.Middle and High School students and staff filled the chat with responses, covering a breadth of current events topics. Students shared their perspectives on the global pandemic and distance learning. One student insightfully pointed out that Khan Lab School has had a smoother transition to distance learning than other schools because of our familiarity with digital learning tools before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Others discussed ideas about how the world will be fundamentally changed by COVID-19, what the experience has been like for parents and guardians working from home, and impacts specific to the Silicon Valley area.

With lots of ground covered during the Community Meeting, it is clear that our students are engaged with the world around themand applying critical thinking to what they're experiencing. We look forward to continued opportunities to unpack big topics together during future Community Meetings!

KLS Students: If you have an idea for a future Community meeting, please share it with the Leadership Team!