$1 Microscopes Save The Day for Remote Learning Science Class!

Khan Lab School
October 23, 2020 / 5 mins read

We continue to be impressed by the creative ways KLS teachers continueto provide high-quality instruction during remote learning. This is especially challenging in Science, where most students don't have access to the lab equipment they'd be able to use at school. We love howLeo Lin, Middle School Science Specialist, used an affordable microscope hack to continue with his cell biology unit during remote learning.

Read on to learn more about the solution Leo found and see photos of KLS students with their Foldoscopes.

Leo Lin, Upper School Science Specialist, with his Foldoscope. This $1 microscope allowed him to give all his students the ability to see things at a nanoscale, even during remote learning.

Our young scientists justcompleteda unit on sequencing various sized objects. The main objective is for students to explore molecular and cell biology by diving into the mechanics of the cell. They're learning all about the integral properties while relating their functionalities to the systems as a whole.

As students investigatedform and function related to size, they needed to be able to view things at the nano-scale. Leo was able to get each student a Foldoscope,a cutting edge device that allows students to see things 140X using a 1.9 micro lens. It's basically a super affordable microscope. Each Foldoscope costs$1. For every Foldoscope purchased, the company donates another Foldoscope to under-resourced schools around the world.

Leo said, "Since we are working remotely, I wanted to engage students in microscopy using an affordable interface that put a microscope into everyone's hands."

Foldoscopes allowed him to do this! Students were thrilled, and the class sent in photos of themselves with their assembled Foldoscopes.

Leo said theinitiative has been successful in building interest in cellular biology among students, even without the opportunity to gather together in a classroom. Some students have now started saving their allowance with the hope of buyingtheir own microscope for home!

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