Pancakes from Around the World: Project-based Learning with IL2

Khan Lab School
June 3, 2021 / 5 mins read

Farm to Pancake Project

For our IL2Term project, our students learned all about the magic of a pancake. Starting our project by reading "Pancakes for Breakfast," by the late Tomie de Paola, we then jumped into a term long inquiry surrounding our essential question, "Where does our food come from and how is it used? How can we, as educators, teach our community about food sources?"

View: Farm to Pancakes Projects Site

What followed were Science experiments looking at each ingredient through microscopes, planting our own wheat and crops, creating models of how salt is harvested, visiting (virtually) farms, harvesting honey, learning about pancakes in various cultures, and writing recipes of the pancakes in our own families.

Student pouring syrup on a pancake

It truly was a wild ride of a project and we hope you enjoy the hard work our students put to educate our community on all there is to know about the greatest carbohydrate of all time - the pancake.

Farm to Pancake IL2 Project 2021 with a young student in front of a pancake