Outer Wellness Update: Dance

Khan Lab School
March 4, 2021 / 5 mins read

Note from Devin Harris, Outer Wellness Specialist

Throughout the pandemic, our Outer Wellness program has adapted as best as possible to keep our students active while following all county health guidelines to maintain community well-being. Read below for an updatefrom Devin Harris, Outer Wellness Specialist &Director of Athletics, about Dance.

"Our Dance unit was very different this year. I was so excited that you all have been supporting Outer Wellness in this distance learning journey—thank you!

I have tried my best to keep things fun, easy, and interesting for our students. This year's Dance unit thus far has beenall of that and more. Over the course of six weeks, we traveled through six styles of Dance. The only supplies needed: their dancing feet and active participation!

Each student earns credit by being on-time to class and actively participatingwith a fun, positive attitude. Every student has the optional opportunity to earn Mastery in Dance. Each week (on Thursday for IL1 and Fridays for IL2 and IL3), to earn Mastery, students need to wear attire related to the dance style for that week. Remember, earning Mastery is optional and designates a student that is going above and beyond the lesson; our students earn credit for coming to class and participating.

We are looking forward to continuing to keepactive, have fun, and stay safe as a community!"