Middle School at the Computer History Museum

Khan Lab School
September 9, 2021 / 5 mins read

KLS Students Explore atLocal Museum

Have you ever wished you could go to school at a museum? Our Middle School students recently got the chance to transform a local museum into their classroom!

In their second week of the Term, KLS Middle School students spent time learning at the Computer History Museum, located about two miles away from our Mountain View campus. The museum has been closed to public visitors, making for an exciting opportunity for our students to learn in a unique environment.

A group of students holding a long K'nex

Physics activity at the Computer History Museum.

A row of students at a long desk working on creating hexa-hexaflexagons.

Math activity at the Computer History Museum.

Throughout the week, students engaged with a range of activities in their classes at the museum, including a Computer Science maze game to explore algorithms,an ELA discussion of the bookLook Both Waysthat culminated in drawing maps inspired by the concept of magical realism,a Math challenge to create hexa-hexaflexagons,a Physics challenge to engineer bridges and skyscrapers using K'nex,a Traveling Museum History project to curate exhibits that document the past year, and more.

A class of students watches as two students at the front of the room guide the teacher through a maze of desks.

Computer Science activity at the Computer History Museum.

Students had the chance to see one of the museum's exhibits come to life, which featuredinteractive learning stations and artifacts from throughout computer science history. It was an exciting week for our community of learners at the museum!

Students engage with a touchscreen exhibit at the Computer History Museum

Students explore an exhibit at the Computer History Museum.

Current KLS Families: View more photos from Middle School's week at the Computer History Museum on SmugMug here (passkey to view available on the Family Portal's Forms + Resources page).