Middle & High School Students Launch New Student Council

Khan Lab School
September 3, 2020 / 5 mins read

In development since spring 2020, Khan Lab School's first official Student Council was launched at the virtual Community Meeting on Wednesday, September 2.

The Leadership Team, a volunteer-based group comprised of Middle and HighSchool students and advised by KLS faculty, has been planning to introduce the election-basedStudent Council since the 2019-20 year. During their impressive presentation at Community Meeting, the Leadership Team laid out a detailed plan for the new group's structure, logistics, campaigning process, and voting.Student Council will offer expanded opportunities for students to have a voice in decisions that impact the school community, to represent the student body,and to develop leadership skills. Elected Student Council members will serve in a one year term.

Our first-ever Student Council elections are scheduled to take place at the end of September. All Middle and High School students (IL4, IL5, IL6, and IL7) are encouraged to seek a position within Student Council. Students can find more details about the candidacy and election process on Canvas here.