Lower and Middle School Students Compete in Golden Gate Park Cross Country Race

Khan Lab School
November 16, 2021 / 5 mins read

Badgers Compete in Cross Country Race

On Saturday, November 13, KLS had 13 students ages 8-13 compete in a cross country race hosted at the Golden Gate Park Polo Field. Students ages 8and under ran 1.25 miles, ages 9-12 ran 1.87 miles (3,000 meters), and ages 13 and over ran 2.5 miles (4,000 meters).

Coaches Michael and Sebastian, along with many parent/guardian supporters, came out to cheer on our runners. For almost all KLS runners, this was their first ever cross country race!The course circled around the polo fields, took a turn on to dirt trails, up hills, and looped back into the stadium for a final stretch run on the dirt track.

In the spirit of our school's PATH framework (Purpose, Agency, Teamwork, and Heart), KLS runners showed Teamwork and Heart, grouping up at the start and finish, and running to key spots along the course to cheer on their teammates. Competition was tough, helping our athletes pace themselves to many personal best times.

We're excited to continue building our cross country program next season. Please reach out to Michael or Sebastian for more information.

Go Badgers!


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Current KLS Families: Find an album of photos from the race on SmugMug here (password to view SmugMug albums available on the Forms + Resources page of the Family Portal)