Lower School Students Honor Dia de Los Muertos with Art

Khan Lab School
November 5, 2020 / 5 mins read

For the past month, Lower School students in IL2 and IL3 have been working on a special Art project inspired by Día de Los Muertos. Art Specialist Marie-Hélène Bauguil worked with students to explore the concepts of symmetry, proportionality, and the traditions of Día de Los Muertosin this unit.

The class started by studying a 3D rendering of a skull. They learned about the physiology of the human skull and practiced drawing that. Students paidspecial attention to the natural symmetry of the human skull and the size of the eye orbits in comparison to the rest of the head. The unit continued with a lesson on the significance of Día de Los Muertos and it is celebrated around the world.Studentslearned about calaveras, sugar skull decorations that are often used to decorate ofrendas at Día de Los Muertos celebrations, and studied traditional designs of calavera decorations to inspire their own art pieces.

Students used the colorful elements of Día de Los Muertos decorations and the negative space of calavera designs to inspire their own artwork. We're impressed by how these young artists used the ideas ofsymmetry, proportionality, and negative space in these pieces. They'll use what they learned about drawing skulls as they work on creating self-portraits in their next unit.

Scroll downto see more of our young artists' final projects. Bravo to all the IL2 & IL3 artists!