Khan Lab School Summer Institute 2021 Workshops - Calling All Educators!

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April 29, 2021 / 5 mins read

KLS Launches First Summer Institute Workshops July 2021

Did you hear the big news? Our KLS Teacher Development Team is thrilled to be able to invite educators from around the world to attend the first-everKLS Summer Institute!

In case you're new here, Khan Lab School isan independent K-12 school with a brick-and-mortar location in Mountain View, California. Our school community was founded in the vision of Sal Khan's book,The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined.

As a lab school, much of what we do here at KLS is based on the following quote from Sal Khan:

“Most, and very possibly all of us, are capable of taking in much more than is currently expected of us.We can go much further, and get there far more efficiently, with self-paced study, mentoring, and hands-on experiences.We can reach more ambitious goals if we are given the latitude to set those goals for ourselves.”

How exactly is KLS helping our students reach their ambitious goals? Over the seven years that KLS has been in existence, our teaching team has found some best practices for using self-paced study, mentoring, and hands-on experiences to set our students up for success. We want to be transparent about what we're doing and share our findings with the larger education community. The KLS Summer Institute is our first step in doing this.

“The goal of the institute is to take the ideas we're trying here at KLS and share what's been working for us with other schools,” said Brandon Lee, KLS Director of Experiential Learningand part of the KLS Teacher Development Team.

Our teacher development team has carefully crafted two workshop tracks for educators who are looking for practical professional development opportunities this summer.

The first workshop, "Workshop A: Creating a Mastery-Based Math Program", will take place on July 13and July 14.

"If teachers are interested in learning about how Khan Lab School built a mastery-based program from the ground up, then theyshould attend the institute," said Melissa Blanco, KLS STEM Coordinator, Teacher Development Specialist, and Khan Academy Liaison."Wewill be sharing everything we've learned along the way, as well as the challenges, and will be able to offer guidance and real, practical tools they can take back to their schools if they'd like to try something similar."

Math teachers, administrators, and any educatorsinterested in designing their own mastery-based math programs should consider attending this workshop. Sal Khan will give the keynote address for this workshop, and attendees will leave with a detailed plan for incorporating mastery-based math learning at their school.

The second workshop, "Workshop B:Embedding Social-emotional Learningand Executive SkillsIn Your Curriculum," will take place on July 20and July 21.

We're proud of how KLS teachers have incorporated social-emotional and executive function skills into all content areas, even subjects like Math, Music, and Science.If you're a teacher or administrator looking to expand your school's SEL literacy into all content areas,this workshop will be a great fit for you.

All workshop attendees will leave with specific strategies for cultivating SEL and ES skills in their specific content area. There is also time for collaboration with KLS teachers and other educators built into each workshop schedule.

"We've designed the KLS Summer Institute to be genuinely useful for teachers," Brandon Lee said. “The end goal is for every teacher to leave with a workable plan that they've tailed to meet the needs of their specific school community."

Go here to read all the details about the KLS Summer Institute.

Note that early bird registration ends on June 4, 2021.

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to our Teacher Development Team at

We can't wait to see you in July!

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