KLS Students Place Second in National Project Invent Demo Day

Khan Lab School
May 21, 2021 / 5 mins read

Student-created OcuMeasure Device Takes Second Place in National Competition

On Sunday, May 16, our students presented their newly-inventedmeasuring device for the visually impaired to help Claire (our community partner) and other people living with blindnessbe more precise when measuring ingredients they use while cooking and be able to measure hot liquids.

Here is the ‘one-liner' and the name the students came up with for their invention: ‘Ocu-Measure provides the visually impaired with a more accurate way to measure ingredients in the kitchen.'

Our students attended a dress rehearsalon Saturday, May 1, in preparationfor Demo Day.During this rehearsal, students received feedback on their invention so far and prepared for their main pitch to investors onDemo Day, Sunday, May 16.

The results are in—our KLS student team placed second out of over 20 teams nation-wide! Our students were awarded $500 in funding for their OcuMeasure device.

The update from Project Invent:

"Over the weekend, we celebrated eleven Project Invent teams at our May Demo Day event. After student pitches wrapped,Headspace'sChief Design Officer,Leslie Witt, joined us to deliver keynote remarks. Leslie shared reflections from her illustrious career in design thinking:"A designer must keep the notions of dynamism and lifelong learning close to their core. When you consistently explore spaces outside of your own expertise, you tend to expand what's possible."We are so proud of our students for all of the ways that they explored new spaces and learned new skills to overcome this year's remote invention journey.

Sunday's festivities culminated in an awards ceremony, in which Demo Day sponsor, Dropbox, awarded funding to four student teams:C.H.A.T.($1000),Ocu-Measure($500),Thermal Function Smart Vest($250), andSmart Braille Blocks($250). Congrats to every one of our students for their commitment to learning, collaborating, and serving their communities! As always, Demo Day season reminded us of the change-making power that our students hold in their minds and hearts."

Congratulations, students!