KLS Student Wins UC Berkeley Map Contest 2021

Khan Lab School
May 12, 2021 / 5 mins read

Mapping the Bay: "San Francisco in a Bubble"

The KLS Community is proud to share the exciting news that one of our IL7 students, Aruna G., was named as a winner in UC Berkeley's second annual mapmaking contest!

Students were invited to make their own creative maps of the Bay Area. Aruna's map, titled "San Francisco in a Bubble," features a reimagining of San Francisco within an actual bubble. Aruna sharedmore about her map model:

"This is a model showing the diverse architecture in San Francisco from the classical buildings like the Palace of Fine Arts to the modern skyscrapers like the Transamerica Pyramid. I modeled each building separately and put it together over a map of San Francisco under the 'Bay Area bubble'."

Find more about the impressive map Aruna made here, along with other student-made maps of the Bay Area.

Congratulations, Aruna!