KLS Launches The Inquiry Lab

Khan Lab School
January 14, 2021 / 5 mins read

Introducing the New Extended Day

On Monday, January 11, KLS announced and kicked-off The Inquiry Lab! The Inquiry Lab is the new Extended Day — reimagined, innovated, and expanded for IL1 through IL7 students.

Below is messaging from The Inquiry Lab Coordinator, Arden Simone, sent out to our school community on Monday, January 11:

"Passionate about creating opportunities for KLS's community of learners, we decided to transform Extended Day into The Inquiry Lab to create more space for students (equally IL1 through IL7) to actively explore what makes them tick. We want to help students pursue their interests, try new things, learn from experts and each other, be in community, and find joy in learning.

Similar to Fall 2020's Extended Day offerings, The Inquiry Lab offers:

  • 26 heavily subsidized teacher-led classes for Upper and Lower School students
  • 6 student-led clubs
  • 2+ free community social events a month
  • School-wide special community events such as Valentines and Pi Day celebrations, a Talent Show, and a chess tournament.
  • An Inquiry Lab Landing Page, with after-school resources and a live chat for students to connect to their peers. This landing page also includes important information like calendars, directories, email archives, and links to documents such as the handbook, club application forms, etc.

During in-person learning, The Inquiry Lab also provides students with supervised Goal Time at school. As of January 11, 2021, The Inquiry Lab is fully remote on Zoom (with one exception—KLS Outdoors).

You can browse The Inquiry Lab's teacher-led enrichment classes via our first-ever Spring 2021 Inquiry Lab Course Catalog.

We recommend opening the catalog using the Chrome browser on a computer and viewing it full screen. The catalog may have minor glitches on other browsers and will on a smartphone."

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