KLS High School Community Watches Presidential Inauguration

Khan Lab School
January 21, 2021 / 5 mins read

On Wednesday, January 20, our KLS High School students and teachers came together to begin the day by watching the United States Presidential Inauguration. Together via Zoom, the KLS high school community tuned into the inauguration broadcast while connected with their peers and teachers online.

This is the second time since our school's founding in 2014 that we have watched a Presidential Inauguration as a community. Teachers planned and prepared to facilitate the virtual session to ensure that the experience was educational and that students felt supported.High school students also took on a leadershiprole during our community viewing—before the inauguration event started, students from our U.S. Government & Politics coursepresented to their peers about politics, governance, and U.S. History. They also provided more information about what to expect from the inauguration broadcast.

During the inauguration, KLS teachers facilitated the Zoom chat, which was a space for the community to share thoughts and reactions during the live broadcast.

After the inauguration, our high school community shared initial feelings and responses to what we had watched. Students broke for their classes and returned for a wrap-up discussion at our weekly Community Meeting in the afternoon. Weclosed out a day of reflections on the inauguration and Martin Luther King Jr.Day by listening to a passage from Dr. King's speech, "Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution," given at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. on March 31, 1968. The passage students listened to can be foundbetween 6:18-8:37 at this link.

The KLS community looks forward to continued explorations ofcurrent events as educational opportunitiesfor our students!