KLS Founder Sal Khan Featured on Freakonomics Podcast

Khan Lab School
April 16, 2021 / 5 mins read

In early April, KLS founder Sal Khan was a featured guest on the Freakonomics Radio podcast show "People I (Mostly) Admire."Hosted by the co-author of the Freakonomics book, Steven Levitt, this episode covers the origin of Khan Academy, the organization's growth over time, Sal's thoughts on the future of education and technology, and the mission of Khan Lab School.

When asked about reimagining education, Sal offered KLS as an example of a model that optimizes the best of the existing education system while revolutionizing the classroom with technology.

"Teachers...sit alongside students, they have Socratic dialogue with them, run simulations, teach the students to then teach themselves or to teach each other and have a lot more experiential learning. Students learn at their own time and pace, school is not the only place where learning happens—that's the base—but then they're going out into the world and doing interesting things."

Technology is a key part of the way KLS rethinks the traditional model of education.

"I wantedto show what is possible when tools like Khan Academy, when tools like Schoolhouse.world, exist and are accessible. It gives you the opportunity of reimagining the school."

Throughout the episode, Sal shares more about the aspects of our school model that allow our students to succeed, including an approach to academics that shifts the focus away from letter grades, a mixed-age learning environment, and mastery-based learning. Sal also shared more about the future of KLS, including our High School's upcoming co-location with a community college campus.

More from the podcast website:

"Khan Academy grew out of Sal Khan's online math tutorials for his extended family. It's now a platform used by more than 115 million people in 190 countries. So what does Khan want to do next? How about reinventing in-school learning, too? Find out why Steve nearly moved to Silicon Valley to be part of Khan's latest venture.

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Listen: "People I (Mostly) Admire," Episode 22