KLS Families Unite to Clean Community Spaces

Khan Lab School
May 13, 2021 / 5 mins read

Family Community Service Brings KLS Earth Heroes Together

For our most recent Family Community Service event, led by our KLS Family Association,our familiesthought it would be fun to get outdoors into the fresh spring air and work together to clean up our neighborhoods, parks, and beaches, and see how many pounds of trash KLS could keep out of our oceans.

Our familiesjoined thePacific Beach Coalition'sefforts to track trash cleanup data via theClean Swell mobile app.

Photo of two young students with a parent, their dog, and a bin with trash inside of it.

Together, our students and families cleaned up 60 pounds of trash—which means that there is 60 pounds of trash that will not pollute our local community spaces and cause environmental harm.

A student standing with a trash bag.

Great job, KLS Earth Heroes!