KLS FRC Team 6962 Wins Imagery Award for Greater SF Region

Khan Lab School
May 21, 2021 / 5 mins read

RobotX Recognized for Visual Aesthetic Integration

Khan Lab School's FRC Team 6962 was formally recognized on Saturday, May 15, at the season finale Greater San FranciscoRegion Awards Show for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Our students were awarded the Imagery Award in Honor of Jack Kamen.

Congratulations, students!

An update from Chi-Ray Chien, Lead Advisor for RobotX andHead of Operations and Technology:

"RobotX had our season finale Greater SF Region Awards Show watch partywith about two-thirds of the team in-person.The students had been tracking with all of the possible available awards for our Game Design ChallengeCarbon competition group of 31 teams.5 of the 6 awards had already been announced for teams who were part of other regions' awards shows (presented on a rolling calendar over a couple of weeks) but in our competition group.So going in, folks had set expectations that it would be more of just season closure time and low expectations that we'd continue our streak of winning an award (Highest Rookie Seed 2018, Team Spirit 2019, lost season 2020).

Imagine our utter surprise when theyannouncedthat Team 6962 had won theImagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen! An amazed shout of joy arose in the room as we looked around at each other in shock and elation.

Congrats to the students of RobotX for atight packageof story, animation, branding, artwork, and emphasis on the FIRST core value of Coopertition in the game design.

We can be proud of our students. I know I am."

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