IL7 Student Abhi V. Featured on MTC Panel

Khan Lab School
October 31, 2020 / 5 mins read

MTC Panel Highlights Student Voices

One of our IL7 students, Abhi V., was one of four studentsspotlighted in a webinar hosted by the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC)!

On September 24, 2020, Abhi and other student panelists at MTC member schoolsshared their experiences with mastery-based learning and how it has prepared them for college, career, and life. College admissions professionals, school leaders, and more tuned into the webinar to hear from students about their learning experiences, college application process, and the Mastery Transcript.

Here's a bit of what Abhi shared about his experience at KLS:

"When you get letter grades, it feels as though it can be a little bit demotivating at times, and also, I've noticed that students, like my friends that go to more traditional schools, are more inclined to just get a good grade in the class rather than actually spend time learning the material even if it's a subject that they're passionate in. But with mastery, it's really about the process. It's more about where you are at a set point in time and not just trying to give you some sort of ranking at the end of the class like a letter grade would, and then it's kind of just over. Learning is for your entire life."

During the webinar, Abhi also shared about his collaborative project with a KLS faculty member this past year ona paper about Alzheimer's Disease, building a low-level predictor using open source data. Abhi explained that the KLS modelallowedhim to have the time and space to dive more deeply into the areas he's most interested in, like Math and Science, and that the mastery-based transcript will capture these project experiences as evidence of learning.

"I'm glad that will show up on my transcript," Abhi shared. "I'm grateful to have had this opportunity because if I hadn't been at a mastery-based school, I would still be stuck taking a less advanced course."

Learn more about the panel and findthe full webinar recordinghere.