KLS Student Recognized by California Cricket Academy Annual Tournament

Khan Lab School
November 18, 2021 / 5 mins read

Vidit K. Receives Multiple Awards at Annual Cricket Tournament

A family group photo with trophies on a field.

KLS makes time and space for students to pursue their interests and passions. IL4 student Vidit K. enjoys spending time outside of school playing cricket, and recently, he was recognized for his participation in the California Cricket Academy (CCA) annual tournament.

The CCA is the first cricket academy and youth league in the United States for children ages 6-17. Their annual tournament recently concluded, and the results
recognized Vidit's achievements as a tournament participant.

Vidit participated in CCA's tournament over the course of two months, competing in the under-12 and under-16 age groups of the tournament. He received five awards (four individual and one team), "player of the match" in two games (one game being under-12 and one game being under-16), "best batter" and "most valuable player" in under-12, and was captain of the under-12 team that won the championship.

Congratulations to Vidit!