IL4 Exhibition Features Entrepreneurship Projects

Khan Lab School
June 4, 2020 / 5 mins read

Entrepreneurs in the Making

IL4 studentspresented their entrepreneurship projects at their Exhibition onJune 4, 2020. Our IL4 students have been working tirelessly on their entrepreneurship project this Term. During the Term, students covered a range of entrepreneurial process stages, including everything from ideation to research to elevator pitches to video presentations.During the Exhibition, IL4 students shared their project presentations and we announced the winner of the$500 seed money to make impact on our school. The community also had an opportunity to view IL4'scurated their work from Term 3, including Math, ELA, Art, and Humanities.

The winner of the $500 seed moneyis a project proposing a new system for managing compost at Khan Lab School's campus, which was created by IL4 students Arya, Lana, Pranav, and Vikram. They will have their project "Composting for the Greater Good" brought to life at KLS in the fall.