IL3 Students Take Lead in Mixed-age Learning Activities

Khan Lab School
September 9, 2021 / 5 mins read

At KLS, our mixed-age learning setting encourages collaboration and authentic relationship building.

Recently, IL1, IL2, and IL3 students came together for fun activities focused on listening skills, reading comprehension, read-aloud skills, and community building across ages. Students across the Lower School were placed into small groups, with each group receiving support from an educator in case they got stalled.

A group of students participate in an activity while standing in a circle.

A group of students sit on the floor as a student reads a book aloud.

In the spirit of our school model wherein everyone's a student and everyone's a teacher, our older IL3 students served as the lead facilitators for these mixed-age, small group activities.Our IL3 studentsgot a chance to grow in their leadership skills and role model for peers andyounger learners alike.

Mixed-Age Learning at KLS

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