Humanities 5 Exhibition: Students Explore The Power of Words

Khan Lab School
January 10, 2021 / 5 mins read

In continuation of their project-based learning thisschoolyear, our Humanities 5 students amazed our KLS community audience again as they facilitated their second Exhibition on Thursday, December 17.

The Exhibition explored the essential question: How can words change the way we perceive reality?

Hosted virtually over Zoom, our IL3 students led attendees through the student-createdMusée US. Anandita M. facilitated the session as our designated emcee for the evening, and the Exhibition opened with a visual lyric musicvideo producedby our own students and our Music Specialist, Jacob E.A.

Student performances,tied together by the Exhibition theme, "The Power of Words." came next.Performances included a variety of spoken word poetry presentations and a one-person play.

After a round of performances, our students took the audience into the virtual museumthat housed student work from throughout the Fall Term, including different rooms organized by discipline of study.The Art room contained self-portrait illustrations;the Social Studies room featured slide decks,timelines, a historiography analysisfocused on European explorers, and more; the English Language Arts (ELA) room spotlighted histories ofindigenous peoples, student reflections on the importance of documenting diverse historical perspectives, analyses of Norton Juster'sThe Phantom Tollbooth,word shape poems, and more. Families and teachers were then given time and space to explore the virtual museum on their own.

Throughout the Exhibition, students fielded questions from families in the virtual audience, demonstrating a deep understanding of their work and applications of their learning from throughout the Term.

At the end of the evening, students pulled out polka dot mystery bags they had received prior to the Exhibition.

Mikki McMillion, Humanities Coordinator, and Arden Simone, Associate Teacher,invited students to reveal the contents of their mystery bag, which contained gifts that will help students to continue sharing the power of words with their loved ones and a small easel and canvas with a word that embodieseach student as a way to recognize their hard work throughout the Term.

Congratulations to our students on another successful Exhibition!

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