Family Community Service: Holiday Stocking Drive Brings Community Together

Khan Lab School
December 17, 2020 / 5 mins read

Throughout December, our KLS Family Association organized a donation driveto support those in need this winter holiday season. The KLS community, including families and students,created and donated 130 stockings filledwith gifts and candies for children of agricultural and food workers via The Farmworker Caravan organization.

The Farmworker Caravan has been providing emergency supplies to these essential workers during the pandemic, and this year, they aimed to deliver 4,000 stockings for children this season.

Because of our efforts, there will be 130 more children who have a more joyful holidayseason.Thank you to ourKLS families for your generosity! The Farmworker Caravan went above and beyond their goal this year, collecting 5500 stockings from the local community.