Educator Resource: The KLS Path Planner

Khan Lab School
September 3, 2020 / 5 mins read

We're back this week with another educator resource that KLS Advisorsuse during both remote and in-person learning.Be sure to scroll to the end for the editable templates you can adapt for your students.

KLS uses self-paced, personalized learning toallow students to navigate their own path. This means that students' schedules are often more complicated than a traditional school schedule where most students take the same classes at the same time and have the same assignments each day.

To help her students keep track of their personalized schedule and assignments, IL3 Advisor Parisa Badizadegancreated this Weekly Path Planner.

In morning advisory meetings, IL3 students review that day's scheduleand plan out which assignments they will work on during goal time. IL3 Advisors include clickableZoom links in student's planners to make it easy for them to get to classes during remote learning.

As you can see above, the Weekly Path Planner supports students' executive skills in a variety of ways. It's also been helpful for parents & advisors to have a set portal for easy home-school communication. Huge thank you to Parisa for creating this home base for our IL3 students!

We wanted to use this planner with some of ouryounger students, but we found the weekly view was overwhelming for them. I madethisDaily Path Planner for our IL2 students to use instead.

We created personalized tabs for each day with the student's schedule. In morning advisory meetings, students go through and update that day's planner with their specials classesand goal time blocks.We also plan out which assignments students will work on during each goal time block.

Some IL2 students prefer to use the printed version of this Daily Path Planner andkeep it next to their computer to keep them on track during the day. Other students prefer to type into the digital template and update that as they work. We'll scaffold these students up to eventually using the Weekly Path Planner before theytransitionto IL3.

Get your own editable copy of both the Weekly Path Planner and Daily Path Planner here. The Weekly Path Planner is in the first tab, and you can see the Communication Tracker format we use & the Daily Path Planner templates in the other tabs.