All Are Welcome: IL3 Presentation Wows KLS Team

Khan Lab School
March 10, 2021 / 5 mins read
Recently, IL3 students created and facilitated apresentation over Zoom to KLS Team members and peers with ideas about new opportunities to make students feel a sense of belonging at KLS.
Read below for a note from our Director of Admissions and Enrollment, Derry Akin:
"One of my favorite parts about being at KLS is getting to witness, first-hand, the amazing work our students do.
I was thrilled when IL3 Advisors Michael and Parisa shared that their group had been brainstorming ways to help new KLS students feel welcome at KLS, and I eagerly awaited hearing the student teams' pitches. I was absolutely blown away by their high quality work — project planning skills, attention to detail, thoroughness, and authenticity — and was touched by the care, kindness, and thoughtfulness they put into making sure new friends feel supported and that they belong at our school.
I look forward to incorporating IL3's proposals into this year's new student programming!"
Samples from IL3's proposals:

A screenshot of a slide from IL3 student presentation with ideas about programming for students at KLS.

Screenshot of a slide from IL3 student presentation with a time of programming ideas for welcoming new students to KLS.