Student Life


School Community

Khan Lab School is a welcoming community that values academic challenge, creativity, and individual growth. 

We empower students from day one to step up, speak up, and begin shaping their school experience. As important as what happens in the classroom, is time spent with peers. Together, they play an essential role in defining our community—and the policies that govern it—through interactions with each other, opportunities on the Leadership Team, and active discussions at Community Meetings.

At Khan Lab School, we are all on a first-name basis—from our Founder and Executive Director to incoming first year students—a deliberate practice that has helped create an open, accepting, and respectful environment among students and adults. Finding ways to foster deep and meaningful relationships are at the heart of what we do.


Student Groups

Student-led clubs offer students the chance to work together to pursue extracurricular interests and assume leadership roles within their community.

The clubs and organizations offered at Khan Lab School reflect the interests and passions of our students. They are able to create and lead clubs on any interest or topic of their choice. Established clubs include chess, yearbook, gaming, and our student-led newspaper, the Khranicle.

There are also opportunities to be student ambassadors and teaching assistants. If they can’t find a specific activity that meets their interests, we encourage them to create one.

Antares (Robotics)

Antares (FRC Team 6962) is a team of young and aspiring KLS middle- and high-school students. The 2018 season was the team’s rookie year competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Hands-on learning and passion-driven work are encouraged at Khan Lab School, and the robotics team is a prime example of students pursuing learning outside of standard academics.

Antares has a mission to inspire and expose others to the exploration of science, mathematics, computer science, and technology. We hope to represent our self-driven school at FRC competitions and share our experiences and knowledge with the rest of our community.

One of the unique differentiators for Antares is its mixed-aged demographic. While most FRC teams are comprised of high school students only, Antares encourages students as young as age 11 to participate. Antares exposes students to not only engineering skills, but critical thinking, problem-solving, financing, teamwork, leadership, marketing, and presentation skills.


After School Programming

Khan Lab School offers two distinct after-school program options from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. each full school day — Extended Day and Inquiry Lab.

These include supervised independent work time (Goal Time), student-led clubs, and special events, and Inquiry Lab, which includes fee-based enrichment classes.


Extended Day

Extended Day programming allows faculty to share specialized knowledge and personal interests in areas such as athletics, languages, and mindfulness. And schoolwide community meetings enable students to connect with and informally learn from guest speakers such as musicians, NASA scientists, or famous filmmakers.

Inquiry Lab

Inquiry Lab offers students the opportunity to explore a range of interests and passions with classes run by KLS faculty and other experienced teachers from the Bay Area. Inquiry Lab class offerings vary by term. Past Inquiry Lab classes have included art, dance, outdoor excursions, performing arts, world languages, and more.

If students want to stay after school to participate in Extended Day, this supervision is included in tuition. If students choose to enroll in teacher-led Inquiry Lab enrichment classes, there is a fee.