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The development of caring and trusting relationships, meaningful mastery-based learning, a culture where students and teachers learn from one another, and the smart use of time, space, and technology. 

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Applications for the 2024-25 school year are open! Register for one of our campus tours, open houses, or virtual events. We look forward to connecting with your family!



For an in depth look at our collaboration with Khan Academy’s
AI tutor, Khanmigo, read our recent features in The New York Times here and here.

What Makes Us


Departing from traditional grading systems, our self-paced and mastery-based approach begins in lower school. Students can also participate in dual enrollment classes at Foothill College as early as their first year of high school.

About Us


Students are co-creators of their own education, engaging them in decisions about what, when, and how they learn. In doing so, KLS helps prepare students not only with academic knowledge, but also with the skills of self-direction, curiosity, creativity, and collaboration that they’ll need for future success.


Experiential Learning

An emphasis on experiential learning translates to outdoor education, travel, field trips, internships, peer-teaching, and applied learning opportunities.  

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What’s Happening

Senior Capstone — 72 Questions with KLS Students

June 7, 2023

Last week, our seniors presented their Capstone projects. As a mandatory project for graduating seniors, the Capstone…

Khan Lab School Welcomes Mark Rober

March 31, 2023

Khan Lab School was honored to host Mark Rober on March 6 for a conversation with founder, Sal Khan, and the Upper Sc…

Purpose in the Pumpkin Patch

March 16, 2023

For students in Hannah’s kindergarten class, learning about social emotional learning has never been easier. H…

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