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Upper School

A new high school experience that puts the student at the center.

A new high school experience that puts the student at the center.

Feedback LoopWe are pleased to announce the launch of our Upper School, which officially opened in September 2017. We are beginning with Independence Level 6 (approximately ninth grade at a traditional school). Click here to read more about Independence Levels at KLS.

Our school is connected to Khan Academy, and our students benefit from the international reach and expertise of one of the most well-known educational non-profits in the world. We bring Khan Academy’s philosophy to life with rooms full of mixed-age students who are excited to come to school each day.

Our schedule and learning design empower students to discover the world and their purpose through experiences (internships, mentorships, global study trips), personalized goals, and collaborative seminars instead of lectures. We prioritize Career and College Advising as a key aspect of our Upper School.

Why are we pioneering a new model of education?

Our world is changing. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, combined with other socioeconomic and demographic changes, will transform the way people live and work over the next decade – leading to a projected net loss of over five million jobs in 15 major economies over the course of five years. Skills and job displacement will affect every industry and geographical region, but these losses can be offset by job growth in key areas.

We believe that by putting students at the center of the education experience, we can graduate lifelong learners who are prepared and excited for the world in which we live.

Our goal is to develop fully empowered future citizens with a sense of personal purpose. The jobs of the future aren't created yet, but we know the following traits will be in high demand:

  • Character Strengths. Our students practice being conscientious, curious, entrepreneurial, perseverant, self-aware, self-regulated, and socially intelligent.
  • Cognitive Skills. Strong habits of the mind, such as communication, inquiry, analysis, and synthesis, diagnosis, innovation, reasoning, and managing complexity.
  • Global Citizenship. Our students spend time abroad, collaborate with foreign counterparts, and learn to communicate in another language. Our world is increasingly interconnected – students need to have a global lens and empathy across cultures.
  • Creation. At KLS, students build their creative confidence to develop ideas and solutions through design thinking, engineering, leadership, and through the expression of artistic and emotional beauty.
  • Purpose. We ask students to explore and develop their passions during their years at KLS.
  • Independence. Our students develop the capacity to set, meet, and hold themselves accountable for meaningful goals on their own.

Students who meet the requirements of our graduate profile are fully prepared to achieve success and significance in college, career, and life.  



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