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Making a Musical in 9 Days

Monday, March 21, 2016

Shrek, Jr. at Khan Lab SchoolKhan Lab School decided to switch things up a bit with its first Intercession of 2016. In just nine short days, thanks to the efforts of students, staff, and parents, we organized, prepared, and performed Shrek the Musical, Jr.

The entire production was student-led (with a bit of guidance from our wonderful KLS staff), including creation of sets and props, design of costumes, makeup, lighting, sound and marketing, and, of course the performance itself.

It was a very busy two weeks! If you came by the school, you would have heard a small group practicing songs in one corner, while in another corner, kids were rehearsing lines. Yet another corner was full of whirring sewing machines, as recycled cloth became costumes. While staff, parents, or students were trying out different makeup designs, drill equipment was also out for building the stage. It was a fun, but very packed nine days, full of activities.


Of course, we all faced challenges. For example: How can we use the least amount of paper for the programs? Or, how can we reuse old clothes to make all the costumes? We had our funny moments, such as during rehearsal, when we tried to turn Fiona green in a matter of just a few seconds and she had to come onstage with a half green face! Or when we were rehearsing the wedding scene and saw how hard our Shrek and Fiona tried to avoid being close to each other. In the end, our hard work and the dedication of our community paid off. The performance was a huge success. I am already looking forward to our next theater production!


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