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KLS Named School of Distinction by Silicon Schools Fund

Sunday, October 15, 2017

In October 2017, Silicon Schools Fund presented Khan Lab School with the inaugural School of Distinction award.

"This award recognizes our portfolio schools who have demonstrated academic excellence and innovations towards personalization," said Rob Schwartz, Partner at Silicon Schools. "In addition, these schools are great stewards and extremely generous with their time as other educators learn from them and what they are doing, thereby expanding their impact even more. We looked across our portfolio of 31 schools and identified only eight that currently meet our criteria."

The announcement came not long after the release of Silicon Schools' thought piece, All That We've Learned: Five Years Working on Personalized Learning. Their five-year reflection highlights three insights:

  1. Personalized learning should not mean isolated learning.
  2. Students benefit from a mix of working in homogeneous groups at their own “instructional level” and working in heterogeneous groups at their “developmental level.”
  3. Agency is important for all students.

During the award presentation, Silicon Schools CEO Brian Greenberg shared with students that he has visited the school regularly since its founding and that he "keeps being blown away" by how independently he sees students working. In explaining the criteria for the award, Rob Schwartz also called out student independence and ownership:

"We're pleased that Khan Lab School has hit this high bar of excellence in terms of academic performance and personalization. The school's work around Independence Levels and student ownership of their learning is most notable, as is the school's willingness to consistently open their doors for our other portfolio schools, partners, and funders who draw inspiration from their visits."

School of Distinction award presentation at Khan Lab School Caitrin Wright, Brian Greenberg, Dominic Liechti, and Sonali Murarka.