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Parent Association

The purpose of the KLS Parent Association (PA) is to build and sustain a strong school community by providing communication and support for parents, students, team members, and alumni.

Each parent/guardian with a student at KLS is encouraged to be a member of the Parent Association. Annual membership dues are determined by the Head Representatives for each year. Regular PA meetings are held to provide a forum for the discussion of matters relevant to the Parent Association: parent volunteer activities, fundraising, and parent social events.

In addition, the school provides regular Coffee Meetings in order to address academic updates and concerns specific to each Independence Level. The Parent Association encourages all parents/guardians to attend these school-sponsored discussions.

PA Independence Level Representatives

IL Representatives play an important role at KLS. This role is ideal for the parent who enjoys school community life and has the time and desire to become more involved with a particular Independence Level. The IL Rep gets to know the KLS parent community, teachers, and administration and is always up-to-date on school happenings, issues, and future plans. All Reps are elected by the parents in their child’s Independence Level, and an IL Rep’s term is one school calendar year.

Parents who volunteer as Independence Level Representatives have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend regular PA meetings held by the PA Head Reps. IL Reps gather feedback from their IL parents before each bi-monthly meeting.
  • Stay up-to-date on school information and events via PA meetings, website, and communications vehicles (newsletter, special notices) and by attending parent education evenings and school events.
  • Attend IL Coffee Meetings (three times per school year) with Lead Advisors and KLS Division Heads. IL Reps take minutes, provide hospitality for the meeting, and share minutes (approved by the Division Head) with their IL parent group.
  • Answer parents’ questions and appropriately channel feedback when parents feel uncomfortable using the usual channels of communication.
  • Direct and assist individual parents through the appropriate chain of communication when the parent needs clarity on how to address an issue.
  • Welcome and assist new parents at the beginning of and throughout the school year. The Head of Operations and Technology will inform the PA Head Reps of new families and the PA Head Reps will inform the IL Rep as needed.
  • Assist IL Lead Advisors in identifying chaperones for field trips as well as other special requests. Volunteer activities for each IL are best organized through the school’s Track it Forward volunteer website so that parents are able to sign up for various tasks ahead of time. 
  • Assist PA Head Reps in organizing community events, staff appreciation week, graduation buffet, and presentation of the graduation gifts.
  • Collaborate with the PA Head Reps to coordinate holiday and gift cards proportionally amongst the entire KLS staff.
  • Vote for PA Head Rep positions.
  • Assist PA Head Reps in fundraising campaigns, including collecting items for the online auction.
  • Optional: Coordinate IL memory books for departing students and teachers.
  • Optional: Coordinate social gatherings, such as IL outings, parties, and parent nights out.

Volunteering as a Parent

In order to foster school participation and a sense of school spirit, we encourage families to find volunteer opportunities that fit their schedule and interests. There are multiple ways for parents to contribute as members of the Khan Lab School community:

  • Become an Independence Level (IL) Representative. Each IL has one parent Representative. IL Reps attend regular meetings and help to facilitate a healthy flow of information. Please above for more information about this important role.
  • Join a volunteer committee. Committees will be formed and announced throughout the year, as needed, to lead and assist with a variety of events, including fundraising, graduation, and community celebrations. These opportunities may also be highlighted on our school's internal volunteer website.
  • Volunteer to lead or crowdfund an Extended Day club or course.