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Lower School Exhibition Schedule

Friday, November 1, 2019

Thursday, November 21*

*Please note this is a private event for Lower School families only. Parents please see the schedule here


Our Term 1 Exhibitions are right around the corner! Exhibitions are a core component of project-based learning. This is an opportunity for students to present the projects they have been working so hard on all term. 

IL1 Exhibition (IL 1 families only)

Our IL1 students have been exploring the different types of heroes in our community in their project “Heroes: Here, There, Everywhere.” They will be displaying their poetry and artwork that exemplify the qualities heroes in our communities have

IL2 - + IL3  Exhibitions (IL 2-3 families only)

Our IL2 students have been doing a deep dive into the history of Mountain View, CA as well as all the Mountain Views in the United States. At Exhibition, you will see the work they have done in documenting our city’s history, a collaborative map display, the letters we have sent, and the artifacts and packages we have received from our namesakes.

Our IL3 students’ project is titled, “A Rabbi, an Imam, and a Moral Philosopher Walk into KLS,” and they have been exploring the qualities we should embody in our community and how to put them into action. You will get to see examples of their artwork, writing, precepts, and KLS calendar.

IL4 Exhibition (IL 4 families only)

Our IL4 students have been exploring the question of how to be an individual while being a part of a larger community. Students will be presenting their pecha kuchas as well as their work in creating the school whanau tree, including their artwork, data gathering, and math analysis.