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COVID-19 Information for the KLS Community

Extended Day

Extended Day is an opportunity for students to have additional time to work on meeting their personal and project goals, since KLS does not assign homework on top of these goals.

Supervising teachers offer advice and strategies for the completion of assignments.

Students are supported during Extended Day in finding quiet or collaborative work spaces. In addition, KLS strives to offer a variety of Extended Day activities to expand student horizons. In the past, these have included courses related to robotics, cartooning, foreign language, arts, and sports. The programs are offered according to teacher expertise/availability and student interest level. Some Extended Day programs are outsourced using local organizations, and some activities are led by KLS students (with an adult sponsor). 

Extended Day supervision and a number of activities are included in the tuition fee if hosted by a KLS employee. Outsourced programs, such as Hindi language courses with Jano Hindi, are offered on a semester enrollment basis and are subject to a fee.