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A Carnival with Hovercrafts

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We are having a carnival at KLS this week. This carnival is based on endangered species that we have learned about in the past. We chose this endangered animal topic by votes, and most of the students entered their vote as endangered species, so we stuck with that topic and decided to have a carnival for the term project.

We decided to have different booths. My booth is called the Hovercraft Booth because my team – Malaina (12), Ben (7), Kali (6) and me – are making a hovercraft. The hovercraft is made of wood, vinyl, and a leaf blower. We got the inspiration for the hovercraft from the Maker Faire.

Many of our booths are quite amazing. The first booth is called “Save the Whales,” and they are studying how humpback whales are endangered in certain parts of the world. Also, why they are endangered, and how can we raise awareness for these mammals?

The Makerspace is a booth that displays and raises awareness for the salt marsh harvest mouse. To raise awareness for this mouse, they give people materials that lay around the house. They also build some kits so you can make whatever animal you want.

The Food Stand booth is making food and selling it. That money goes to an organization called Save The Bay and all of their endangered animals and plants. The kids are also raising awareness for all of the endangered animals in the bay salt marshes, etc.

The Khan Lab Store is raising awareness for the rare and beautiful Mission Blue Butterfly. This group plans on making T-shirts that have the facts about and pictures of this animal. The people who receive the shirt can color the butterfly. They will also be donating the money they get from the T-shirts.

The Game Center team members are making a poster of their animals (bald eagle, Delta smelt, Bay checkerspot butterfly, and San Francisco garter snake). The posters have facts and pictures of their beautiful endangered animals on them.

The Test Your Brain booth is supporting the San Joaquin kit fox, Delta green ground beetle, California least tern, and the California tidewater goby. This group is going to teach people about these endangered species with Jeopardy questions. Secondly, the money paid to play this game is being donated to a campaign that supports these animals.

Last but not least, the Colorful Caterpillars group is making a fantastic game that the public will be able to look at and also play. They will be donating their money to a campaign or rescue for caterpillars.

This carnival will be amazing, judging by all of these fantastic booths! I think the visitors should really look forward to this event because it is all run by the students of KLS. Second, every booth has built a special activity that the visitors can try. For example, the hovercraft is fun, safe, and who has ever ridden on a hovercraft before? The KLS community wants to make your experience incredible like no other carnival you have ever seen.

I also would love to share my reflections, too. My first is that while working on my hovercraft with my team, I was thinking, “How are we ever going to get this done?” Believe it or not, we finished in about 2-3 days. Which is exquisite for our first try. After that was done, we moved on to cutting our panels, which was really easy because we used the jigsaw for it. This was boisterous and my teammates were really motivating me and the rest of my team!

KLS Carnival


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