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Our Design

Architecture of Learning

Mixed-age Learning

The mixed-age setting fosters collaboration and authentic relationships rather than competition. Students remain in cohort groups of mixed ages for multiple years and academic progression is decoupled from age.

Collaborative Teaching

Students are guided by an advisor (or co-advisors) and academic instruction is supported by a team of subject matter experts. Teachers work together to design interdisciplinary curriculum and to customize, whenever possible, to every student’s academic path and pace. 

Structured Flexibility

We have an extended day and full-year schedule. Through the schedule, we aim to create a balance between guided instruction and the time to explore individual interests. We believe students need time for family, rest, and interests outside of school. To that end, our program is designed for students to complete their assignments and goals during the school day. Some features of our schedule include:

  • academic blocks
  • goal time
  • community meeting
  • advising (one-on-one)
  • Advisory (SEL and Executive Skills curriculum)
  • Dual Enrollment Programs (for IL 6-7 only),
  • Immersive learning opportunities during school breaks.


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