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Art of Teaching

Academic and Character OutcomesHow do we facilitate meaningful student-teacher interactions?

Professional Role

  • Expert. Team members have expertise in a particular field of education or discipline and engage in professional development to remain at or reach the top of their field.
  • Global Citizen. Team members bring global experience to their work and embrace the perspectives of others.
  • Mentor. Team members guide student and team member learning and growth. As mentors, teachers meet one-on-one for regular goal-setting, monitoring, and support check-ins. Team members challenge and inspire students, and each other, by providing consistent, constructive feedback.
  • Curator. Team members gather and synthesize content, context, and concepts for learning.
  • Tutor. Team members offer one-on-one and small group mini-lessons to deepen conceptual understanding.

  • Project Designer. Team members create high quality and innovative projects for contextualized learning, in collaboration with colleagues and students.

  • Assessor. Team members review student work and progress and use data to assess students’ independence and to gauge progress on mastery of content.

  • R&D. Team members adopt and develop best practices, contributing their own learnings and best practices to the larger education community.

  • Lifelong Learner. Team members are role models who exemplify lifelong curiosity and exploration.


We are....

We seek opportunities to express thanks to our community

We create possibilities and push boundaries with focused direction and inventive spirit

We pause and consider others’ perspectives

We work in concert with each other to find constructive solutions

We acknowledge our limitations and learn from those around us

We believe in…

We believe in empowering and supporting one another to take purposeful initiative

We believe there is always more to discover, explore, and learn

We believe that positivity fosters a joyful atmosphere

We believe we are essential to the the success of our school

We believe self-reflection leads to stronger outcomes

We act with…

We actively greet one another

We speak truthfully and conduct ourselves ethically

We evolve by being agile

We overcome challenges with courageous spirit

We make purposeful and sustainable choices to be successful

Art of Teaching at Khan Lab School