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What Makes Us Different?

“Students should be encouraged, at every stage of the learning process, to adopt an active stance toward their education. They shouldn’t just take things in; they should figure things out.” 

–Sal Khan, The One World Schoolhouse

Students are grouped by age (grades) Students are grouped by level of independence and in flexible academic groups
Students are promoted to the next grade after a set amount of time Students are promoted to the next group when they have demonstrated mastery and a level of independence
Students learn content Students learn thinking skills, character strengths, and content
Students learn from their teachers and from textbooks Students learn from their teachers and peers in daily project-based learning and through self-directed learning using a variety of innovative tools
Teachers decide what a student should learn and when Students learn to set their own goals and weekly schedules with guidance from Advisors
The school day is divided into subjects The school day is divided into self-paced work time (Foundational Fluencies) and hands-on project time (Studio)
Students have homework to complete after school There is no homework unless a student chooses to use time after school to work on personal goals or projects
The school day ends in the early afternoon The school day lasts from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (every student may stay for Extended Day from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.)
The school is closed for the summer The school has an extended-year model that offers breaks throughout a 12-month year
Parents receive a report card once each quarter Parents receive constant updates on their children’s progress through the Goal Tracker and engage in Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences
Students have a transcript of grades as proof of learning Students have a portfolio of projects as proof of learning


Looking for information specific to high school students? Click here to read details about our Upper School program (Independence Levels 6+).


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